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Embody Clarity and Acceptance through
Life's Deepest Challenge

A 7-Week LIVE Online Course with Nathalie Himmelrich

Grief and Trauma Counselor, Coach and Author of Bridging the Grief Gap: Building a Bridge of Understanding Between the Bereaved and Their Support Network

Discover the 7 essential practices to explore and then transform your grief so
you are able to live fully and freely while
honouring the memory of your loved one.

As a person who has lost loved ones, I understand you want to metabolize your grief and integrate it. You want your life to feel livable again and full of meaning.

You want to feel more joyful again, at ease and have more energy whilst still holding the precious memory of your lost loved one in your heart.

Whether you loss is more recent or it has been a few years ago, it is possible to find a meaningful life on the other side of your grief and this would open you up for a thriving life, not just a life of surviving. Imagine feeling inspired by life again and being able to process your grief in a way that is positive and healthy.

But the problem is that you are likely still in the depth of grief. The pain of the loss and the longing for their presence is overwhelming and persistent, it leaves you drained and numb.

If you are still grieving and it’s been a while, that is completely fine. Grief doesn’t have a timeline to follow and there is no guidebook with rules on how to do it the right way.

You may feel a lack of energy or be weighed down by the intensity of emotions, feel easily annoyed at everyone and everything and wonder ‘what’s the point anyway, now that my favourite person is gone?’

Or you completely avoid grief by staying busy, self-medicating or drowning yourself in work. In our society, we are taught to avoid grief, suck it up or move through it quickly.

You want the pain to stop. But you may be wondering ‘is it even possible?’

We are praised for appearing strong or encouraged to grieve alone. We stay busy or find someone or something to replace the person we lost.

I call this the Grief Avoidance Syndrome.

This is not your fault. This is what we are taught, what we are made to believe.

Emotional vulnerability is often seen as weak. Grief has been turned into a medical problem. But we don’t digest grief by bypassing or pushing it away.

Grief is amazing because it is the sweet little window where you're really tender. You're setting up this relationship with the loved one who gets to live within you going forward.

And more importantly, we get to learn about ourselves, and our capacity to empathize and open into emotional vulnerability.

You can’t get over the loss of your loved one, but you can learn to live in the world without them. You can even find ways to thrive but getting there means understanding how the grief process works, and how it changes you and makes you see the world through different eyes.

When you unpack all that entails the loss experience and see what the purpose of grief really is instead of bypassing it, you will be able to digest and integrate it into your life.

By walking through it and coming out of it you will truly know that you are ok

Embracing the pain as the price for your love will set you free.

Learning to live in a life without them and finding ways to thrive is a transformational pathway that metabolizes your unique grief.

That’s why I created the new online course Transforming Your Grief to guide you through the process to help you metabolize your grief, look at it, understand it and begin to integrate it to find new capacities, resilience and empathy.

My promise to you is that you will step away from this course being able to see the gifts in grief and embrace healing as a tribute to the meaning your loved one has in your life. You will embody deep self-acceptance, and embrace the nature of the circle of life, including birth, life and death as parts of a whole.


By the end of this course, you’ll experience:

  • Being able to effectively deal with intense emotions when they come up
  • Having greater trust in your resilience to deal with anxiety and stress
  • Fresh confidence needed to navigate uncertainties in life
  • Working with your grief when activated by using specific tools and practices
  • Living a meaningful life, which includes the memory of your loved one
  • The capacity to redirect your energy into activities you value and enjoy
  • The powerful potential of truly leaning into your support network and being more available in those relationships

You will create a meaningful life, which includes the memory of your loved one and at the same time, you will be able to redirect your energy into activities you value and enjoy.

My Personal Transformation Journey and Invitation for You

It was May 2011 and my private practice was busting with a full client load. I was first time pregnant with identical twins. At 19 weeks pregnant we found out that one of our daughters, A’Mya, had multi-cystic kidneys which put her life at risk. The sadness and uncertainty were as present as my growing belly. I was grieving the life I had envisioned with my twin daughters.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet, my mother just attempted suicide. I was in shock and traumatized by the news. My mother went to a clinic to be supported through this challenging recovery.

Our daughters were born 5 weeks early. A’Mya lived for 3 days. Raising her sister Ananda Mae, a newborn, at the same time as grieving was confusing. “At least you’ve got one,” some said, while others added, “You’ve got to stay strong for your husband and child.” Even though people were trying to help, I felt misunderstood and those words fell cold.

Only four and a half months after the birth of my daughters my mother died from suicide.

My life before those traumatic losses wasn’t devoid of grief and loss. One would say I was practised at grieving, letting go, and moving forward in life. Yet, those traumatic and unexpected deaths impacted me more than anything before.

Embracing my grief and learning to integrate it into my life became a personal path, one that I had previously walked alongside my clients. This experience allowed me to deepen my professional knowledge in a way that only a personal experience can.

In the second year of grief, I wrote my first grief resource book for which I interviewed many bereaved parents. Through my passion for doing so, my practice soon filled up with bereaved people looking for support.

Now, 11 years later, I have not only survived, but am truly thriving, and I’m passionate to support you and others in navigating grief.

So I invite you to join me and people from around the world to discover how to truly thrive, rather than just survive. You were not born to be beaten by your trauma, but to rise from it like the Phoenix from the ashes.


What People Are Saying

Nathalie’s work bridges the interpersonal worlds between the bereaved, their intimate support persons and the therapists that might be guiding them both. Connecting these realms brings individuals to soften the wounds of grief and helps the grieved move on with their lives.

Dr. Peter Levine

Bestselling Author of Waking the Tiger,
Healing Trauma, Trauma and Memory
Colorado, USA

After the loss of my daughter, Neve, my world imploded. I don’t remember much from those first few weeks, but I do remember Nathalie slowly painted me a picture that my broken heart could be placed together again. Nathalie has shown me the possibility that there is hope in the same breath as despair.

Dr. Jennifer Beatty

Medical Doctor,
Calgary, Canada

"Nathalie is a special person who is able to assist when there seems to be no answer or hope. She has the unique ability to put life's turns and twists into an amazing perspective and leave you feeling encouraged, optimistic and calm. All that she does is very practical and immediately effective."

Sam Elam

Managing Director Media Manoeuvres,
Melbourne, Australia

Nathalie supported me significantly in the immediate time after the loss of my daughter. Her own experience, know-how and application of different methods strengthened me and gave me courage when I didn't know what to do. People in mourning are in safe and good hands with her.

Janine Hächler

Board of Trustees for Pro Pallium, palliative care,
Zurich, Switzerland

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Module 1

Your Base: Creating a Map of Life After Loss.

This first module lays out the map of the new land of life after loss. We define concepts and discover the common experiences of people after experiencing a loss, and you will be able to navigate through your reactions and responses. In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to differentiate between emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual reactions
  • How to find your way from the craziness of grief to healthily deal with your reactions
  • How to factor in the differences between grief reactions and other physical symptoms 

Module 2

Your Realisation: Understanding Grief and Trauma

 One of the most important resources clients draw from their grief accompaniment is that by understanding grief and trauma, the whole experience becomes more bearable. You will learn how to deal with emotional flooding and how to express needs and boundaries in constructive ways. You’ll discover:

  • How to access, manage and express feelings in helpful ways, finding the balance between too little and too much expression
  • The advantages of operating from a place of healthy detachment
  • To know and apply the benefits of sleep, exercise and crying

Module 3

Your Support: Leaning Into Your Network

The right kind of support is vital to your ability to deal with grief. We begin with a summary of the different groups of support available to you, both professional and personal. This will help you gain a clearer picture of your support circle’s strengths as well as weaknesses. Using the example of firefighters and builders, or the model of the four categories from the book Bridging The Grief Gap you’ll discover:

  • How to find and access the support around you and how to handle when offers aren’t helping
  • How to clarify your needs and find ways to communicate them
  • How to benefit from your support team by distinguishing between firefighters and builders and understanding the Four Categories Model

Module 4

Your Gift: Owning Your Loss Story

Cognitive distortions, grief myths and your personal grief history shapes your experience. Owning your story and changing the narrative can either hinder or further the integration of your grief. This module will lay out the foundation of what to say when, why, where, and to whom. You’ll discover:

  • How to answer people’s questions to benefit your healing
  • How, when and why to use your story of loss and trauma and understand the role of memory
  • How to change your narrative and turn your story into a hero’s journey

Module 5

Your Activation: Gaining Clarity on Grief Triggers

Although positive healing efforts to integrate your grief can be powerful, it is usually insufficient to avoid grief triggers. This module creates awareness of those situations that generally activate your grief and how to deal with them and how to build exit strategies for when things get too much. You’ll discover:

  • The importance of gaining clarity about your grief triggers
  • The distinction between meeting, embracing, diving under or avoiding triggers
  • A specific procedure helping you develop skills of emotional self-regulation

Module 6

Your Shift: Taking Charge of Your ‘Meaning-Making’ After Loss

Meaning is not given, it is made, either unconsciously or consciously. When we become aware of our unconscious meaning-making, we can decide which meanings to keep and which ones to change. This module lays out the themes for discussion to create meaning that supports you to recreate more life around your grief. You’ll discover:

  • How to become aware of your unconscious meanings and beliefs around grief and loss
  • How to best approach meaning creation that draws post-traumatic growth
  • The ability to differentiate between helpful and unhelpful meaning-making and change the unhelpful meaning

Module 7

Your Way Forward: Integrating All For an Empowered Life

In this final module, we will pull all that you discovered in the past weeks to address the most common challenges going forward. We’ll discuss additional factors, such as steps to take with sleep, exercise, and medical issues that lead to successfully integrating grief into your life. This will allow your life to grow around the grief and move from surviving to thriving in your life after loss. You’ll discover:

  • How to uncover and overcome the effects of your overwhelming grief
  • How to make space for grieving and set limits with trigger exposure
  • How to explore additional resources and know when to seek professional help

More Praise For Nathalie

I lost one of my twin sons two days after birth due to birth complications. Taking care of a newborn I was not able to grieve and understand the enormous impact trauma had on my life. Four years later I completely collapsed mentally, emotionally and physically. Nathalie helped me understand how trauma and unresolved grief shaped my life. She gave me many tools to set boundaries and work on my self-care.

Juliet Royston

Shamanic Practitioner,
Richterswil, Switzerland

I now experience a deep shift, in the way I experience my life, my life as a woman, and as a mother with children who are not alive. I have integrated all my children into my life and given them the space they deserve. There is a feeling of peace, healing and fullness which I didn’t experience before. It’s as if a deep wound of my being a woman was able to heal.

Tanja Hesse

Global Health Manager,
Vienna, Austria

Working with Nathalie after the death of my baby, she offered me both her professional and personal experience, which have been a great resource and help. I would recommend Nathalie to anyone looking for guidance in grief.

Tina Sunjako

Exam Inviligator, Finnish-British Society,
Helsinki, Finland


It’s more than a transformational course, it is also a safe and caring community!

Welcome to an emotionally attuned community with other like-hearted individuals seeking to embrace their grief and integrate it into their lives.

During our sessions, we have the opportunity to support one another through active listening and sharing. These connections can continue to develop in our discussion forum.

As part of each week’s teachings, you’ll be invited to post your experiences and queries. Here you’ll receive inspiration not only from Nathalie but from your peers, too.

Join the conversation and learn from one another throughout the 7-week Transforming Your Grief experience!

Here’s What You will Receive in this Program

  • 7 Weekly LIVE, 90-minute Course Teaching, Coaching and Q&A Sessions

    Experience a rare opportunity to be mentored by me from the comfort of your own home. Each class session includes a streaming video option and guides you to discover specific skills and abilities to support the integration of your grief.

  • Deepening Practices for Each Course Session

    Between class sessions, you’ll have the option of delving deeper with specific journal prompts, completing related exercises, and practising new tools to accelerate your learning and integrate each session.

  • Private Custom-Designed, Interactive Course Platform

    All sessions and materials will be recorded and available to you without a time limit so that you can re-immerse yourself in the teachings at your own pace. These materials can be a wonderful tool to deepen your integration of the teachings.

  • Private Online Discussion Group for Course Participants Only

    Be part of a supportive community of other bereaved people with an understanding of what everyone has gone through and support each other to embrace and integrate. As you go through the course, you will be able to connect with other participants to share your questions, experiences, breakthroughs and insights.

  • All Recordings of Online Teaching

    Video and audio recordings of all sessions will be available for download and streaming. Recordings of these sessions will be posted each day, so if you can’t make a session live, you will always have access to listen.

Course Bonuses

Instant Registration Bonus: Free 1-1 Session with Nathalie

Expires within 24 hours after the free online event. Sorry, this bonus has already expired!

This gifted session for early registration participants will be scheduled during the program. With years of experience in grief counselling and coaching, Nathalie can hone in and provide value towards whatever your priorities are, as well as how you can personally apply the modules specifically for you, and get the most out of the 7-week program. This provides a full hour of time focused on your own personal journey in addition to the group sessions in the program.

(value $320)

Early Bird Bonus: Video Workshop with Janet McGeever

Dealing with the Effects of Grief on the Relationship, Intimacy and Sex

Closes midnight Friday, (March 17th, 2023 - 7 pm GMT). Sorry, this bonus has already expired!

As an educator, TEDx speaker, psychotherapist and author, Janet shares her wisdom on how grief affects the individual’s ability to be in intimate contact when experiencing grief. She draws from years of experience in working with couples and individuals and brings attention to the differences in male and female intimate needs and desires, the importance of slowness and presence and how to connect again after intimacy has been lost or diminished.

(value $197)

Video Workshop with Dr. Patricia Muehsam, MD - Physical Symptoms to be Mindful of While Grieving

As a pioneer in the synthesis of science, holistic health, and contemporary spirituality, Patricia shares her wholistic approach in relation to grief. We look at the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and behavioural symptoms that may be experienced when grieving and answer the question of when it would be advisable to seek medical assistance.

(value $197)

Bonus Graduate Follow-up Session

An opportunity will be provided to take part in a graduate follow-up video conference call 4-6 weeks after the program to review and check in with participants. This helps with general support, reinforcing ongoing value and application of action plans and program takeaways, and providing motivation for your own practice through reconnecting and sharing with others.
(value $247)

Video Workshop with Simone Thurber - The Benefit of Microdosing and Macrodosing in Grief Transformation

Having been working in the field of self-development and coaching, Simone has been practicing as an emotional therapist for over 18 years. With her personal and professional knowledge of psychedelic assisted healing we explore the therapeutic benefit of using psylocybin, a hallucinogen (magic mushrooms) to assist with the ability to both be with the loss, as well as integrate the pain.

(value $197)

Bridging the Grief Gap: Building a Bridge of Understanding Between the Bereaved and Their Support Network

Nathalie’s latest book provided valuable insight for both grievers and their supporters to better work together through the journey after loss.
(value $20)

‘How to Deal With Grief and Trauma’ Guest Interview

Become one of my personal guest on the Podcast and share your story of how you dealt with your grief and trauma. 

May We All Heal: Playbook for Creative Healing After Loss (Workbook)

While some of the activities and processes from this workbook are included in the course, this creative healing journal will help you to go through the full process of a month of healing activities through daily prompts in your own time in a fillable pdf workbook.
(value $25)

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Course dates:
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Video and audio recordings of all sessions will be available for download and streaming.

Here's a summary of what the 7-week course includes:

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About Nathalie

Nathalie Himmelrich offers psychological counselling in the areas of trauma, grief management, and relationship issues. She supports people on their way back to a life full of joy, happiness, and contentment.

Nathalie experienced three pregnancies and gave birth to identical twin girls a few years ago. One of the girls now holds her hand in this life, and the other daughter passed away on her third day and has an eternal place in her heart. Shortly after the birth of the twins, Nathalie's mother died by suicide.

Nathalie has deep personal and professional experience in dealing with, trauma, loss, and grief. She is also a speaker at international conferences and workshops in the area of bereavement and relationships. She hosts a free weekly podcast called How to Deal With Grief and Trauma which supports people from around the world.

After 15 years in Singapore and Australia, she now lives in Switzerland near Zurich with her family.

Frequently Asked Questions

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